A Trip to the Marconi Museum in Tustin

July 31, 2012 Museums  No comments



When I picked up my first DSLR camera I was dying to try it out. Since I love cars I decided to head over the Marconi Museum in Tustin to break in my new Nikon D60. The place is stacked with supercars, especially Ferraris. One of my favorite cars in the F50… and the Marconi Museum has 2 of them!

The Marconi Museum has tons of other rare cars including a Ferrari FX and Ferrari 456 Cabriolet Special that were formally owned by the Sultan of Brunei. If you’re ever around the Tustin area then this place is definitely worth checking out!

DATE: 1-17-2012
LOCATION: Marconi Museum in Tustin CA
CAMERA: Nikon D60
LENS: 18-55mm kit lens